Saturday, February 12, 2011

Classic Flower & Summer Parties

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Hello all,
Today, yesterday and the day before has been perfect, perfect, perfect! God has just been blessing my family and I everyday, I know that it's due to our humility!Wow, you mean blessings come with being content? Yes, that's excatly what I saying. Being that its winter and the cold can sometime put us in a "depressed mood", I often have to remind myself to be content with the weather. I wake up everyday craving flowers, bees, grass, flipflops, tank tops and that perfect theme song that ties your spring/summer together with the prettiest yellow bow on top. I know, we all do. That what lead me on a search for the perfect spring attire. One word; CHANEL. Tweed blazers, omg, I want, need, and have to have one-or maybe a copy.


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